The Close to Home Model

The Nevada County Community Action Team (NCCAT) works collectively to create changes addressing local issues related to violence. The Close to Home model is a prevention program targeting sexual assault and intimate partner violence in communities. In partnership with California Department of Public Health and California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CALCASA), Close to Home uses community mobilization with primary prevention strategies in a four-phase program cycle to bring communities tangible solutions to violence. Want to get involved?

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Outdoor Study Group

Collect data through mapping, surveys, and conversations with community members to get an idea of strengths and opportunities for growth in our community.

Support Group

The core groups share the data that was collected in the assess phase with the community while also increasing awareness and interest in the project.

Hands Together

The core groups bring people together to lay the foundation and plan for a community action such as a campaign, event, performance, art installation, projects, etc.

Uplifted Youth

Data has been collected and shared, and the community has identified and planned for a solution. The groups implement the plan and take action.